In the Beginning:

Many years ago, a 'band of brothers', schooled through the ranks of restaurant row, shed the confinement of corporate food, striking out on their own.

The Idea:

Comfortable, affordable, neighborhood digs, where all would be welcomed to kick back with good drink, great food, and plenty of fun.

The Recipe:

California Cool, Laid Back Colorado, with more than a splash of Hawaii, mixed with Beautiful Locales, Dude Food, and all you can watch Sports.

The Locations:

From the lush green mountains and white sand beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, to sunny Southern California, to the snow capped Rockies, each of our restaurants share The Idea and The Recipe. However, if you walk into one of our stores you won't find cookie cutter mirror images of each other. What you will find is that each one has a personality of it's own, reflecting the neighborhood, and the staff, with a decor unique to that location.

The Result:

A Great Experience, years of dedication and six restaurants.